Modern parking problems: big cars or small parking spaces?

Car owners today often face similar problems, and many of them are caused by large cars or small parking spaces. These include less availability of parking space, smaller parking spaces and parking difficulty. Yes, it's all about finding the right space to park your vehicle. Actually, there can be only 2 reasons why this has become a universal issue: either cars are getting bigger or parking spaces are getting smaller. Which one do you think it should be? In fact, universality is created by the combination of these issues. Now let's consider each of them in detail:

Cars are getting bigger

According to statistics, the size of cars today is 55% larger than, for example, 50 years ago. Safety has become a priority for modern cars, but so is the quality of performance. Compactness is often a priority. Consequently, cars today need more space to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. They have bigger engines, trunks and seats. So the increase in the size of cars today should not be surprising. However, of course, this issue also causes certain problems.

Naturally, a larger car will also require a larger parking space. What is worse is that these cars occupy a significant part of the parking zones today, thereby wasting a lot of space. It turns out, often, where 2 cars should be parked, only one big car can fit, the parking barriers seem to disappear and a lot of space is lost... If you own a big car, you may see less of a problem with this, but for owners of a small car, it's really a big puzzle.

Parking spaces are decreasing (relatively)

We all agree that car sizes are big these days, but what about parking spaces or even parking equipment? Their dimensions have hardly changed, so this problem is also caused by the issue discussed above.

In many countries, the guidelines for the placement of parking barriers or parking devices have not changed for several decades. Modern parking spaces are also designed according to this, therefore, no suitable space is allocated for a large car, and they still have to occupy half of someone else's place, i.e. use two spaces. It is also true that the parking equipment is often updated, but it is not really about the dimensions.

The presence of large vehicles and small parking areas, in turn, creates other problems that you are familiar with. Whether it is the difficulty of parking, less visibility, which increases the chances of accidents, or the long time required to stop the car in order to somehow fit into a specific space…

As for the size of the parking, the reason for this is as follows: by specifying less parking space, more parking spaces remain, and if you cannot find a space here, you will find the space you need in private spaces.\

How to deal with parking problems?

Yes, the existence of problems is obvious, but they also need to be solved. For this, many regulations have been implemented, including the introduction of a digital parking device, which strictly monitors the extent to which the existing rules are followed. There is also talk of encouraging people working in parking lots to help people park their cars properly, naturally making the most of the space. In this regard, many people consider the promotion of public transport to be an effective method, which is the use of appropriate spaces, i.e. the so-called With the help of Bus Lines, your transportation from point A to point B will be much easier. Besides, you won't have to look for a parking space anymore. You can even save money.

It is also true that in the old cities, where there are mostly small streets, there is really no space for arranging a parking zone, although experts still offer general recommendations. People who care about city planning and urban designers should understand the need for parking lots in the city and allocate the appropriate spaces. Development of a plan to solve a specific problem, whether it is the installation of parking on the streets, i.e. curbside parking or off-street parking, i.e. special parking lots where parking is already available to buy. You have to choose a unique shape for each street and use the space as much as possible to create more space for cars and avoid traffic jams on the already narrow streets due to their wrong parking. Parking lot design should be considered as a part of land planning by companies, and we should not just deal with parking lot installation. And the severity of this problem would be solved much faster, as we mentioned above, by people's transition to public transport.

Parking issues can also be addressed through good management, which includes pricing, parking regulations and enforcement. To improve the quality of life in the city, parking lots and parking equipment should be presented with an environmentally friendly, well-designed and well-maintained landscape. It should enhance security, pay attention to the visual side and other aesthetic values.

Parking planning requires consideration of the following issues: traffic flow in specific spaces, pedestrian experience, density levels, parking rates, activity patterns, aesthetics, and historical experience. Finally, you just have to think about how necessary and useful it will be to arrange parking spaces in a specific space.

General principles for parking

Understanding the role of parking in specific spaces and making decisions that focus on creating a compact environment in the city creates an easier and more interesting experience for pedestrians as they move more easily through the streets. The parking equipment is also important, here even a parking sign is meant, which makes this process faster and easier. Did you know that parallel and corner parking on the street gives you the advantage of visibility while also helping you maximize the use of space? If not, we can also talk about the fact that in order to solve the parking problem, it is important to raise awareness in society about how to take advantage of the available space so as not to disturb others unintentionally.

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