About Us

About Us

"Elite Technology" is a leading company in the field of security. The company was founded on September 8, 2008 and implements projects based on international standards.

"Elite Technology" works in the following areas:

  • Traffic safety — road markings, traffic organization schemes, road signs, barriers, speed limits, roadblocks, road drying, parking arrangements and markings.
  • Security systems — surveillance cameras, video-audio intercoms, access and recording systems, security alarms;
  • Fire Safety — individual projects of fire safety, fire alarms, automatic systems and evacuation plans

Our services include design and installation.
Elite Technology's partner countries are Denmark, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium, Belarus, Italy, Poland, USA, China and the Netherlands.
Collaborating with these members involves sharing their products, equipment and knowledge.

The staff of "Elite Technology" periodically undergoes training in partner countries and improves their qualifications, which helps us to develop the company and maintain high quality.

What is the main thing for us?
Customer satisfaction, a team of professionals, high quality and service.